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Vango Technologies Achieve G3-PLC Alliance Certification


September 2016 - Vango Technologies, a fabless semiconductor leader for smart grid IoT, receives the G3-PLC Alliance certification.  G3-PLC Certification certifies Vango PLC V630X + V600X platform’s conformance and interoperability to G3-PLC protocol specifications and other G3-PLC reference devices.


Adding strength to Vango group’s complete Energy IoT solutions, PLC V630X + V600X confirms an interoperable, reliable, and future-proof communication platform complying with major utilities and millions of devices worldwide, helping customers to build intelligent networks fast and accelerate product roll-out


Vango PLC V630X (SoC) + V600X (Line driver) platform supports multiple PLC standards for different markets and regions. Bandwidth encompasses FCC, CENELEC, ARIB, and beyond.  Vango provides customers with software protocol stacks, reference schematics, EVB, development and diagnostic tools, and design documents.


V6300 SoC integrates a 32-bit MCU, 32-bit DSP, embedded Flash memory, two UART interfaces, one SPI Master controller, one SPI Slave interface, one I2C Master interface, PLC MAC/PHY layer functions, and Analog Front-End (AFE), accompanying with Vango’s V6000 line driver to form a complete modem solution and supports all known narrow band PLC standards, single-carrier and OFDM.


V6000 is a receiver (RX)-integrated line driver, providing high-current capability for driving the low-impedance power lines. It has the highest integration level for PLC applications offering the best system performance/price ratio. The fully-differential design achieves high linearity performance in terms of MTPR (Multi-Tone Power Ratio) at 16 Vppd with a 4-A peak current output.  It also maintains the bandwidth and linearity while operating from a single power supply of 9 V~18 V at a temperature range of -40 °C ~ +85 °C.  V6000 consists of a voltage-feedback TX amplifier and a programmable RX gain amplifier, both of which are designed to handle high signal swing.  V6000 also features Over Temperature (OT) and Over Current (OC) protections. Via the SPI/I2C interface, V6000 can be fully-controlled and optimized by firmware configuration.


G3-PLC is a global open protocol of PLC communication for smart grid, implemented in low data rate communication such as automatic meter reading (AMR), energy control, and grid monitoring. G3-PLC Alliance is an international non-profit organization promoting G3-PLC standard, ensuring the interoperability of each device in the smart grid ecosystem.  Members include utilities, system integrators, equipment and semiconductor manufacturers, etc.


Visit Vango at European Utility Week 2016, Barcelona, Spain, stand # 3B134 on November 15-17, 2016, for Vango’s high-performance fast network formation PLC showcase, and a complete product line of Energy IoT solutions.

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